Diana’s lover Oliver Hoare dies aged 73 in France


Former Princess Diana’s lover Oliver Hoare died at the age of 73 in France after a long struggle with severe illness.

Hoare was an art dealer and a longtime friend with Prince Charles. Also, an obsession and great love for the late former British princess Diana.

As she speculated, Diana and Oliver started the affair after the death of Diana’s father, John Spencer in 1992.

Their affair ended when his wife threatened with divorce, and from the security found Oliver, as a half-naked hiding behind a tree on the property and smokes a cigar. Diana told her friend that her lifelong dream was to escape with him, to go to Italy and enjoy life.

According to the British media, Diana after the end of their relationship harassed her with calls and started hauling her. His wife contacted the police because they were ringing the phone for hours around. Then it was discovered that more than 300 calls were made from Diana’s home. Shortly thereafter, police said the investigation was interrupted at the request of Hoare.


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